Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a company that offers pays you for clicking on e-mails they send you, watching their videos, completing offers, referring folks, etc. etc.

Three prong test:
1 - Do we have proof of payment?
2 - Is there a non-internet contact for the company?
3 - Online complaints

1 - YES
2 - YES
3 - Few & far between.

1) I have been paid by Inbox Dollars many times. Here is a photo showing the checks they've sent me, as well as my current earnings. I find I usually make $50-$70 per year with Inbox Dollars. If you are more aggressive about getting referrals than I am, you might be able to make even more.

One thing I make sure to do every year with Inbox Dollars is purchase my Entertainment Book through them. They usually offer $8 back on that purchase. And I usually save HUNDREDS each year with my Entertainment Book.

2) Inbox Dollars is a CotterWeb Enterprises company. They can be located on the web - and provide a mailing address and phone number, as can be seen at their Google Maps Listing. You should always be leery of any company that does not provide an alternate form of contact, other than a "contact us" form on their website.

3) Most of the online complaints about Inbox Dollars revolve around the fact that it is slow going. True, it is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. You'll probably max out at somewhere around $100-$150 per year. But hey, any extra money is good money right? Right! Other complaints state that folks weren't compensated for an offer. Some of the offers are tricky - you have to fill out a bunch of different stuff OR make a purchase to qualify. Always read the fine print. I have always found the Inbox Dollars support team helpful and great about crediting me for an offer, if I did all the steps correctly and they somehow missed it (which is rare).

The one thing I would advise against with this program is trying to make any money with the "cash tasks" ... they usually take at least a half-hour to complete, and the most I've ever been paid for one is $2. Which values my labor at $4/hour. Which is just kind of sad. Sure, if you're sitting in front of the TV with nothing better to do it might be worthwhile, but there's usually surveys out there with other programs that you can do in the same amount of time that pay a bit more than that for that much time spent.