Wednesday, July 6, 2011


MyPoints is a company that gives you points for doing various things through their website. Shopping, reading e-mails, searches, completing offers, etc.

Three prong test:
1 - Do we have proof of payment?
2 - Is there a non-internet contact for the company?
3 - Online complaints

1 - YES
2 - YES
3 - There definitely are some. But not enough to make you worry TOO much.

1) I myself have redeemed dozens of gift cards from MyPoints. I've gotten Amazon gift codes, airline miles, Visa gift cards, etc. My only complaint is that sometimes it takes awhile to get the gift card. They will say the order (using your points) for the gift card has been fulfilled, but then you wait about 8 weeks (sometimes more) for it to show up.

2) MyPoints has a Google maps listing complete with phone number and address. You can find it with this LINK!

3) There are some complaint out there that it takes awhile to get enough points to get a gift card. But even if you JUST do the searches and confirm the point e-mails, you should rack up enough points to get a $10 gift card in 4-6 weeks. If you use the site to purchase things from amazon.com or overstock.com or even flowers from Telefora or FTD - you can rack up points even more quickly. Some of these sites offer 2 or 3 points per dollar, but sometimes they offer as many as 20 per dollar.

Other complaints are that it's hard to get off their e-mail list once you've signed up. But I'm not sure why folks would want off the e-mail list - you earn 5 points for every e-mail you click on.

Overall, MyPoints is not a scam. Nor is it a "get-rich-quick" ... so if you're looking for that, it's not the place to go. But if you're looking to just pick up some extra goodies for making one extra click before doing your online shopping, it's not a bad way to go.

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